On 9 April 2009, two days after his re-enactment of Chris Burden’s ’Shoot’ in the MuHKA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, BE), Mikes Poppe presented a tribute performance —aka an ‘inspired by’-project— in the same space.


I sit in the exhibition space of MuHKA with a plastic Lidl bag.
I take an onion out of the bag.
I take off the skin of the onion.
I eat the onion.
I use a red marker to draw a shot wound on my arm.
I show it to the audience with pride.
I put on a balaclava.
I write ART WILL MOVE YOU with spray paint on the wall.
I run away from the space, leaving the audience behind.
While running I set off smoke bombs in the space.
The fire alarm goes off.

This performance was made possible thanks to the efforts of Ruth Renders, Liliane Dewachter, the MuHKA-team, and hosts

photos: Bart Grietens