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a group exhibition curated by James Putnam

The new edition of the Watou Arts Festival — ‘Landscape of the Imagination’ — will take place from July 6 to September 1. Artists and poets will showcase the power of the imagination, in dialogue with each other and with several unique locations in and around the village and castle De Lovie.

Mikes Poppe will present new work as well as a new durational performance entitled ‘What Is Past Is Prologue’.

06.07 > 01.09.2024
Kunstenfestival Watou

Your support matters

To fund my upcoming durational performance What is Past is Prologue @ Kunstenfestival Watou 2024, I am selling original drawings. Each piece is a unique work of art, reflecting the themes and emotions that ‘What is Past is Prologue’ embodies. By purchasing one of these drawings, you are not only acquiring an artwork but also playing a vital role in making this art performance possible !  > more details

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a selection of works: