In the frame of the Art festival Watou 2022 “sense of place”, Mikes Poppe presented a durational art performance as well as a series of new artworks.

→ The performance entitled En de boer, hij ploegde voort (And the farmer, he plowed on) took place in the open-air, starting July 2nd and ending September 4th.

→ Furthermore, Mikes Poppe presented different artworks Studies of Slaves in the Watou Festival House: Watouplein 12.

photo: Eric Vos - Het Lab

Men heeft den boer zijn hof verbrand,
Zijn vrouw en os vermoord;
Dan spande de boer zichzelf voor den ploeg,
Maar de boer hij ploegde voort.

The peasant’s yard has been burned,
His wife and ox have been murdered;
Then the farmer yoked himself to the plow,
But the farmer he plowed on.

‘Ballade van den boer’ / ‘ballad of the farmer’
J.W.F. Werumeus Buning (1935)